Spirit Based Drinks


Krupnik - not able to get vodka locally much above 45% Got introduced to this by a medieval monk a few years back and found it to be very tasty. due to certain dietary restrictions, have decided to use less honey on the first attempt and more herbs.
Honey 2 thirds of a cup of locally produced clear honey
Some cheap vodka
All crushed prior to use
Root Ginger
Cleaned, sliced, then frozen before use
Cinnamon Sticks
Approx 100grams
Star Anise
Approx 100grams
Liquorice Root
Four sticks
Angelica Seeds
One to two ounces of the seeds
Two - crushed
The resultant juice was heated with the herbs for approximately 10 minutes on a low heat and then the liquid was passed through a fine mesh sieve.
This resulted in approximately 750 ml of extract, which was then mixed with an equal volume of vodka. An attempt was made at prefiltering, but aborted after a few hours. The liquid, did separate and the clear portion was siphoned off.

Sloe Gin Some receipes call for the berries to be pricked before use, a much easier method is to wash the berries to remove stalks and insects and then freeze them. the freezing ruptures all the cells and the flesh of the berries falls apart infusing the flavour into the gin.
Gin Any sort of gin will do as the main flavour will be the sloes
Sugar Personally I do not use any sugar, but honey might be a better alternative